Well the first “backdoor” of the season was pulled off tonight, Janelle the buxom blonde was voted out. Now this was all orchestrated by Boogie. Now was anyone else sad to see Janelle not cause havoc? I was expecting her to go on a rampage. How rude was it for Boogie to dedicate his vote to Dr. Wil & Dr. Wil’s fiancé? I just hope sooner rather than later that Boogie gets packing.

Ashley & Ian Showmance Lives On?

I didn’t think this showmance was still going on and I found it funny that they’re being dubbed the real life “Big Bang” couple. The segment with their family was really sweet, but was it really necessary? Ashley & Ian are both floaters –so why waste air time? Does Big Brother producers think they’ll go far or were they just trying to share the airtime? So America, we’ve got two showmances in the house, which side are you on? The “Big Bang” couple or Shanielle? These two showmances do have good chances of making it to the final two.

Farewell To The Buxom Blonde

Again America, I blame you for all of this. You gave the coaches the option to opt into the game and they took the bait. Now we’ve got “Chilltown 3.0” running this house yet again. Can there really be that many fans of Boogie over Janelle? Reading some fan sites, both have compelling arguments, but how can anyone be a fan of Boogie? Yes, he’s a good social game player, but he is a jerk in this show and, granted, he could be a good guy outside the house, but I’m not buying it. I like to think I’ve got a great sense of people’s characters and Boogie doesn’t have a good vibe with me. Janelle has grace and kept her head held high as left. I was surprised not many other houseguests had any usable goodbye messages. It definitely felt more focused on the coaches (former houseguests) saying goodbye and Joe too. From there you could tell Janelle definitely was playing a different game this time around than the past two seasons. They had to end her farewell messages with Boogie. He was so demeaning, but I enjoyed seeing Janelle have the last laugh.

My Top Three Houseguests

  1. Boogie – This pains me to say this but he’s currently sitting on top. I hate how he can manipulate the other houseguests, but it’s working. I can’t blame him for playing the way he wants, but that doesn’t mean I like him. Putting my differences aside, I can see Boogie playing well but his target is getting bigger and bigger by the week and if these houseguests can’t see it, then Boogie will send them packing.
  2. Dan – So I’m a fan of Dan, but currently I’m on the outs with him right now. He wants to team up with Boogie and I feel he’s having to carry Danielle. His strategy is good, but I think it could hurt his standing later on. Once the houseguests realize they’ve been keeping Dan in the house — they’ll vote him out or it’ll be too late. When Dan was in the house last go ‘round he started competing for the HOH & POV competitions and winning. Fun fact: Dan started to compete and win during week six, and it’s week five this season. So expect Dan to start playing the game to win next week. Even though I may not be a fan of Dan at the moment he’s on the radar as one of my top three houseguests. Interestingly, both of the past winners are sitting top two this week. We’ll see if this changes next week.
  3. Wil – Even though I think Wil is a bit of a floater — he’s definitely playing the game mentally. He knows what’s going on. What alliances are being formed and who he can trust. Even though he’s on the opposing side of the “Silent Six” or the “Quack Pack” he’ll be someone to watch out for in the upcoming weeks. His social game is better than some of the new houseguests’. He speaks his mind and he thinks one week ahead. The remaining three “coaches” should be afraid because if/when he gets into power they’ll be his first target.

My Bottom Three Houseguests

  1. Britney – She’s playing with way too many emotions and is starting to get paranoid. Kind of like a player she chose but not to his level. I think the first three weeks she was playing really smart even though she was up and down my list, she means business this time and wants to win. However with the swaying of her emotions to evict Janelle, it got the best of her and ironically enough she’s letting boys control how she’s playing the game again. If Britney could heed my advice — she made a mistake by voting out Janelle and should start teaming with the remaining girls if she wants to stay in the game. I say this because that was ultimately her demise. The boys had a stronger alliance and bond than she did. Her “Silent Six” alliance knows she’s the weakest link and won’t feel bad voting her out.
  2. Ashley – Is she still playing the game? I know we saw a segment of her but I haven’t really seen or read of her (from live feeds) really playing the game. She has a supposed alliance with Wil & Jenn which they’ve dubbed “Team T*!s,” but I haven’t seen much else other than her playing POV when she was nominated by the guy who is in power again. I wonder if Ashley is enjoying her lifevest because she’s definitely floating.
  3. Jenn – Her little bit with Julie was pathetic. I wasn’t buying anything she was saying. It “helped” her gameplay that the coaches came into the game. It only helped her because she didn’t have to worry about being a sacrificial lamb on team Boogie. I hope she’s enjoying her lifevest too! Real Big Brother players play the game.

My Predictions for Nomination – Joe & Shane

I predict Joe & Shane to be nominated because both are “threats” to Frank. Joe is a threat to Frank because he was the one vote for Frank to be evicted and Frank knows this because of how much loyalty Joe had to Janelle. Shane is a threat to Frank because he won three consecutive competitions. Even though Frank & Shane are in an alliance, one of the “Silent Six” needs to be a sacrificial lamb to be a pawn for evictions. I think the pawn could become the target if Frank was smart. Better to get rid of Shane now then for Shane to get the chance to get Frank out.

America’s Choice

I’m looking forward to seeing what America has chosen. I hope my pick of “Candy Cane & Cod,” wins for the “have nots.” Plus I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a food competition this week and I hope it’s not in teams. I’d like to see each other the players fight for food and not be paired or grouped into teams. I want to see all of them fight for their food privileges as opposed to Ian just saying he’ll volunteer to be on slop and enjoy his experience of Big Brother. That bit has been beaten way too many times. I’m ready for him to eat and maybe gain some weight in that house.

Looking forward to Sunday. Who will Frank actually nominate and what is America’s Choice for the “Have Nots” to eat for the week with slop? We’re nearing the half-way point and I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing a few more twists soon.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 


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