By Ryan Wooley

By: Ryan Wooley

As the first official week of the NFL preseason nears a close, that means it is time to bring you another addition of my weekly winners. As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter @WooleyMammoth85 and let me know whether you agree with my picks and if not, who you would put in their place.

LA Lakers

howard dwight getty kevork djansezian Wooleys Weekly Winners 8 10 12

Dwight Howard (Getty Kevork Djansezian)

If getting Steve Nash in the off-season wasn’t enough, the Lakers pulled off a four team trade late Thursday night that had them bringing another superstar to town in Dwight Howard.

It’s no secret my dislike for Howard and his antics in Orlando and how I wanted the Magic to not trade him, but give the Lakers credit for what they did.

They were still able to keep Pau Gasol and also get rid of a problem on the rise in the locker room in Andrew Bynum. The other three teams involved in the trade in Philly, Denver and Orlando also seemed to reap the benefits, but LA seemed to come out on top.

Now with these two big acquisitions the Lakers certainly could be the team to beat this year.


football nfl getty jason miller Wooleys Weekly Winners 8 10 12

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

As the league continues to try and work out a now collective bargaining agreement with their main officials, the league was forced to use replacement ones for the Hall of Fame game on Sunday and the rest of the preseason games this week.

In the process of using these officials they did something they’ve never done before and used a female referee.

Sure, it was met with some criticism and some people question whether certain jobs should be for just one gender, but I applaud the NFL for taking a step forward and breaking down yet another hurdle in equality for all people.

Jeff Riger/Mike Valenti

wedding rings Wooleys Weekly Winners 8 10 12For those of you that listen to the station on a daily bases you know that Mike Valenti just recently got married this past Saturday and Jeff Riger will be tying the knot on August 11th.

It has been an honor to work along side these guys for the last five years and I can’t express enough how happy I am for the both of them.

Jeff and Mike are two class act guys and if their dedication to their job is any indication to how their marriages will go, then both Alison and Melissa are two lucky ladies.

Congrats you guys!


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