By: Terry Foster

Running back Cedric Benson signed a free agent contract with the Green Bay Packers and took a mighty swing at the Detroit Lions as he signed on the dotted line.

Benson said the Oakland Raiders and the Lions offered him contracts to sign. But he turned both franchises down because he has bigger plans and brighter dreams than what the Lions can offer. The Lions are still a franchise building. The Packers are a franchise that wants more and dreams bigger.

“They talk about a Super Bowl around here (Green Bay), not winning their first playoff game” Benson told “You’ve got to set your goals high, and that’s part of it, that’s one of them.”

He is right. The Packers and Lions are in a different place. I am not upset by his words but they do sting a bit. We talked to Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford and he didn’t really dispute what Benson said. He said he is only thinking about getting through training camp and trying to have the best season he can. That probably sums it up right. The Lions are still trying to do the best they can and put themselves in position to win regular season games and try to win a playoff game.

It is not a crime. It is not wrong to think that way. But it points to Benson being right. The Lions are in a different place than the Packers. I do want to throw out a little ray of hope. The Packers have so many injuries they cannot complete practices. If that does not clear up then perhaps the Lions and Chicago Bears have a chance to unseat the champions and Benson will look like a fool.

But if they get healthy the Packers are looking for solid gold in the Super Bowl not a playoff win.


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