FARMINGTON HILLS — The Farmington Hills-based personal medical device provider Critical Signal Technologies Tuesday announced the launch of the Bob 4200, an upgraded personal emergency response system.

The new unit features an increase in transmitter coverage up to 1,000 feet with CST’s long-range transmitters and adds a level of flexibility for users.

The Bob 4200 console, like the other CST Bob console products, is designed for use with traditional analog and VOIP telephone lines including all Bob accessories like smoke and CO2 detection and door/window contacts.

The Bob 4200 comes with a newly designed long-range pendant that has “wear appeal.”  In addition to this sleek, modern new look, the Bob 4200 includes a level of “future proofing” built into it that was not previously available to subscribers.

With a 3G cellular module to be available by fall of 2012, CST is able to provide customers with the peace of mind that should they turn off their analog home phones, they still will be able to keep their Bob monitoring system running without any stoppage or having to switch out the console with which they have become familiar.

Additionally, with a wireless speaker/microphone unit available later in 2012, both larger homes, and a wider area of coverage can be facilitated without running wires or sacrificing aesthetics of where the base station console is placed.

The console’s key features include:
* Up to 1,000 feet of transmitter coverage, using CST’s long range transmitters
* English or Spanish selectable in software
* Upgradeable firmware — permits future “flash” of firmware for enhancements, feature updates
* Illuminated “Help” button — backlit and easier to see at night
* Pre-recorded alert messages loaded into console for scheduled events (medicine, appointments, system testing, activity and motion)

CST, founded in 2006 by security and medical monitoring expert Jeffery S. Prough, is the nation’s largest independent provider of personal emergency response systems.

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