PONTIAC (WWJ) – A report released from Auburn Hills police on Monday states that neither Patterson nor his driver, an ex-state trooper, were wearing seatbelts in the Chrysler 300 at the time of a two-car crash on Aug 10.

The report also states the driver and passenger in the other car, a Volkswagon Passat, were not wearing seatbelts.

Due to the extent of injuries to persons involved in the crash the case is being presented to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office when the investigation is complete.

WWJ’s Gary Lundy spoke with Talkradio 1270 morning show host and WWJ Legal Analyst Charlie Langton about some of the legal issues brought up by the accident.

“I have to admit, I am surprised, I think everybody in this world now knows, if you get into a car, you have to wear a seatbelt,” said Langton. “It’s kind of drilled into you, why these people didn’t have (on) seatbelts .. it’s bizzare to me.”

“L. Brooks Patterson should have had the seatbelt on – his driver should have had his seatbelt on – not only because it’s the law, but it may have prevented serious injuries that these two now have suffered,” said Langton.

Langton noted that  it’s up to the arresting officer to issue a ticket, but stated that, ” The law is very clear, if you are driving in a car,  if you are a passenger or a driver, you must wear a seatbelt.”

“The other issue in this case is what kind of ticket will the driver of the … other car … that driver may very well be given a ticket and that driver could be given a reckless driving ticket, or a ticket that would be more severe because he did some serious injures … to people in the other car, ” said Langton.

Patterson and his driver, a former state trooper, both remain hospitalized.


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