By Jeff Gilbert

ROYAL OAK — (WWJ) Throngs of classic car lovers have already taken to Woodward Avenue in advance of Saturday’s Dream Cruise, lining the sidewalks with lawn chairs and packing parking lots with classics.

WWJ AutoBeat Reporter Jeff Gilbert paid a visit to the thoroughfare, which turns into a sea of headlights when the sun goes down.

Keith Davis of Waterford is out there already, proudly showing off his 528 cubic inch Hemi and remembering the first times he cruised.

“When I used to ride with my brother, he had this Dodge and he used to tell me to get down in the back seat because there were a couple of women around and he wanted part of them,” Davis said, laughing. “I was like 14 years old and he would tell me to get down on the floor. if I popped up he would cuff me with his hand.”

For Pete Rakowski of Milford, like many others who grew up in the heyday of Detroit muscle and cruising culture, the event brings back memories of more carefree times.

“In 1964 when I came out of the Army I used to come out here and tear up the tires a little bit,” Rakowski admitted.

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