Rob Sanford

We’ve all experienced it at one time or the other in our lives. You get that foreboding feeling that something bad is about to happen. I’m afraid I’m getting that feeling from the Tigers. I’m not writing their obituary for the season, but I am saying that for a team that wants to win a division title, they just don’t seem to have that extra gear. Case in point was this past week-end, when the White Sox were swept by the Royals…the Tigers had a golden opportunity to gain ground, but instead lost 2 of 3 to the Orioles. While the pitching is on and off and so is the offense..they don’t help their cause by their bad base running. I like being aggressive on the base paths and making other teams to make perfect throws. But they have been. In fact, the Tigers are 3rd in the American League in having runners thrown out trying to get that “extra base.” I think it’s more a case of not having your head in the game, not knowing your opposition and the arms the outfielders possess.

Boy oh boy….I mention one time I think Quintin Berry may not be the Tigers next superstar…and I get people jumping down my throat. For a guy that has spent has much time in the minors as he has, you would think his overall knowledge of baseball would be great. But it’s not. He can’t bunt, he swings at pitches wayyyy outside in critical situation, and while his outfield play has been adequete…watch it closely. When you there in person…you can see he has misjudged a number of flyballs…but thank goodness he has speed to erase his mistakes. I’m not saying he stinks, or that he isn’t an asset, what I am saying is lets temper all the enthusiasm and watch him over time and see how he adjusts, now that the league has adjusted to him.


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