HAMBURG TOWNSHIP (WWJ) – For many, two bee stings would just be a nuisance, but for one Hamburg Township dad, those bee stings could have spelled real trouble and he says he has his son to thank for saving his life.

Ten-year-old A.J. Hieber heard his dad sobbing in the bathroom, so he stopped playing his video game and went running to his aid.

A.J’s dad, Adam Heiber, is allergic to bee venom.

A.J. knew he had to act fast after his dad was stung by the two bees while mowing the lawn. The boy hopped on his bike clad only in underwear to find his mom.

The family rushed Heiber to an area hospital for treatment.

As it turns out the bee stung dad says he tried to use an EpiPen to reverse the reaction but apparently grabbed a trainer syringe by mistake.

He says his son’s quick thinking saved his life.


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