I am so excited that Boogie has finally been put up for eviction and Frank is once again back on the block. Thank you also for finally acknowledging the “Floaters.” Tonight’s episode has reignited my excitement and hope again that Boogie will soon be exiting the Big Brother House.

Slip ‘N Slide

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the houseguests competing to win HOH and seeing all of them wipeout. So for the two temptations that were given for America’s Vote, it was only fitting to include money into the HOH competition and you know who fell for the bait, Boogie. Poor Frank, not realizing that his safety in the house was in the hands of a 43 year old who wanted money to take care of his son. Last time I checked Boogie, you teach your kids to use the “potty” and then diapers won’t be an issue. Did Boogie think to ever consider savings bonds or putting money aside for Brady for college? In the end it was Shane (and not Dan who I predicted) winning HOH. Does anyone else think that if Dan didn’t go for the “Safety” he could have won? And where was Joe, Ashley and Jenn’s head at during this competition? It seemed like “Safety” was the best power after HOH. As HOH at least you get pictures of loved ones and a letter as well as your own room in the house. I’m just glad somebody in that house finally acknowledged the “floaters” but even better showing Jenn, Joe & Ashley.

Downtime Segments

So it’s no surprise that it gets difficult to have conversations with people you see constantly. There’s no small talk with no outside communication except for Thursdays with Julie Chen. I was also glad they’ve acknowledged this because it definitely makes these houseguests more human and relatable or continue to prove how crazy they are. Example Joe’s elaborate stories, I bet during live feeds these may seem boring to continually hear, but it was good to see it aired on the episode. Also I was finally glad to see Jenn have a moment of weakness and let out emotions. She’s human America, and not some robotic “floater”.

Best segment of the night goes to Ian. The guy is definitely starting a following and will be one of the few houseguests that will surely be remembered well after his season. Ian seems to not catch a break or get a hint, but he has however gained the attention of the ladies of the house. Now I’ve never used hair removal cream, but I know it’s probably going to burn a little since it’s trying to remove hair from the body. But the second date between Ashley & Ian was just plain boring. It was duller than Maggie & Ivette’s date in the last week of season six. Plus their date was just in the kitchen at the round table and not secluded at all. Plus, Ian just doesn’t have any swagger when it comes to approaching the ladies. I’m for the “FrAsh” showmance that’s developing.

My Top Three Players

1. Ian – I’m beginning to like Ian more as the weeks progress. He’s definitely doing the right moves and making the right alliances. The whole innocent act is definitely working to his favor but eventually he’s going to have to be the one to have the “blood on his hands.”. I would consider him as a target especially for final three scenarios.
2. Shane – That took a lot of guts to nominate Frank & Boogie, whom he had an alliance with. He could’ve easily nominated a “floater” but in the end went for the targets that were targeting him. Let’s be honest I hope to see both leave with this double eviction (which that little clear box was obviously referring to or possible veto or the next HOH). Right now Shane’s sitting pretty at the top but isn’t my top choice due to his choice of words at the nomination ceremony. It’s about making a statement then retracting it. Saying sorry doesn’t make Frank or Boogie want to forgive you any less for nominating them.
3. Britney – Winning safety was the best for her game. To be fair, Britney didn’t have a change to get the HOH with this competition. Britney I predict will possibly win the “Fast Forward Week HOH” this Thursday and hopefully send Boogie or Frank packing.

My Bottom Three Players

1. Dan – If he didn’t go for safety he could have possibly won HOH and possibly been in the top three of my players list. But he falls on this list because of his choice to go for safety. I wouldn’t be surprised if Shane turns on Dan too. If Shane was smart he could possibly consider “backdooring” Dan. Just a friendly reminder, Dan & Boogie won this game, why let them win again?
2. Boogie – Blindsided – yes. Surprised – yes. Happy to be nominated – absolutely not. I hope Boogie starts some major drama, or at least makes Shane feel he can’t trust Britney, Danielle or Dan. That would completely show Boogie can still run this game even when nominated. But at this time he’s sitting pretty weak and we’ll see how he does in the veto. Hopefully he’ll listen to the rules carefully and not get cocky.
3. Frank – So it’s his fourth week nominated. Big Brother might as well just have one chair rightfully reserved for him. Unless he can win the “POV,” we’ve definitely seen the last week Frank will be in this house. But he did win HOH last week so anything is possible.

My Prediction For The POV Competition

I hope this POV is a timed puzzle challenge. We haven’t seen one of those yet. Plus it would definitely take a lot longer to do, so they might hold this kind of competition for later. But the winner I believe will be Boogie getting himself off the block. Boogie may be the old guy in the house, but he certainly knows how to play this game. He’s won one competition already so it wouldn’t be a surprise if he wins and forces Shane to nominate someone else. If Shane were forced to nominate someone else, I would hope it would be Jenn because then maybe we’ll see more of her fight to stay in the house.

Who do you think will win the POV? Have you seen the latest sweepstakes Big Brother is doing for the fans? If not, head over to cbs.com/bigbrother to find out more. Then on Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS 62 in Detroit we’ll find out if Boogie or Frank will be taken off the chopping block. For right now I’m on cloud nine soaking up the joy I have in seeing Boogie finally put up for eviction.

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email 


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