By Beth Fisher

STERLING HEIGHTS (WWJ) – Sterling Heights police have not yet been able to identify a victim after multiple human body parts were found in a sewer last week.

Contract workers were working a sanitary sewer line last Wednesday when they discover the remains on a grate about 50 feet down.

Lieutenant Luke Riley said they have no leads, although they are hearing from people.

“We’ve received a number of a phone calls, either from individuals who have missing family members,” said Riley. “I know we received one call from Tennessee making inquiries, but because of a missing family member … and none of those has panned out.”

Riley said about 10 body parts were found in the Oakland-Macomb Interceptor under 15 Mile Road and some had a tattoo on them.   Riley said they don’t know what part of the body the tattoo came from, or if the victim was a man or a woman.

“Basically, what we’re going on is, you know, checking missing persons reports,” said Riley. “They’re also  some law enforcement data bases where if an individual  is processed through the system, if they have any tattoos those are noted. But not having the entire tattoo, it’s basically a hand search , you know, to look at these tattoos that are on file.”


Police said it appeared that the remains had not been in the sewer for very long.

For more on this story and to see a photo of the tattoo, visit this link.

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