By: Bill McAllister

WARNING: Do not use a bbq fork as a weapon unless your life is being threatened OR if some worthless lazy-ass is trying to break into your home. 73-year old Margaret Jackson of Houston, Texas foiled a home invader by treating the criminal like a porterhouse. Margaret was visiting her daughter’s home when her dog started barking at something or someone outside. She looked through a window only to see some loser attempting to pry a door open by using a credit card.

I’m gonna guess Margaret was watching Matlock or Murder She Wrote when she was interrupted by the intruder because what she did next was not what you would expect from a sane person. She started rooting through a cabinet and grabbed her weapon of choice, a bbq fork. Margaret then forced the door open as the intruder was attempting the break-in and she planted the fork into his neck! Even with a giant fork in his neck, he managed to get away but I’m sure it will be awhile before he ever attends another barbeque.

Good for you, Margaret!


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