WATERFORD TWP. (WWJ) – A Waterford Township bowling alley has been reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble after an explosion and fire Thursday night.

Firefighters were still trying to put out hot-spots Friday morning at what is left of Lakewood Lanes, on M-59 near Elizabeth Lake Road. An explosion happened at the building around 9 p.m. Thursday.

Assistant Fire Chief Matt Cubby said the situation is under control, but efforts to completely extinguish the fire are being hampered.

“It’s the same fire we had here originally. What’s happened is that roof has collapsed down on top of it and we’re having difficulty getting water to it. That’s why you see we have an excavator here that is actually pulling the roof material apart and basically what the idea here is that we’re getting that opened up so we can get water down to where the fire is trapped at,” Cubby told WWJ’s Mike Campbell.

One firefighter suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital for treatment. No other injuries were reported.

bowling alley fire Waterford Bowling Alley Leveled After Explosion, Fire

(WWJ Photo/Mike Campbell)

Waterford Police Chief Dan McCaw said they think they know what caused the explosion, but it’s still under investigation.

“From what we’re seeing, of the high flames and the explosion and the loud sounds that have been reported by witnesses in the area, it appears that it could be something related to a gas explosion. But once again, its kind of too early to tell. But based on the experience and the flames that we’re seeing and the destruction, it points to that,” said McCaw.

The bowling alley had just reopened after being closed much of the summer for seasonal repairs and updates.


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