I’m so glad they showed us the footage of what happened during the double eviction on tonight’s episode. It solidified what I was thinking about the players from my last post. They finally reveal that the clear question mark box was a sign of “Pandora’s Box.” This week’s HOH competition was a fight for Frank’s survival. My question is why hasn’t Joe or Jenn made solid moves? And Ashley … she came into the house clueless and left clueless.

Frank’s $10,000 Decision

If you were in Frank’s shoes would you have opened Pandora’s Box? I would have gladly since it was a win-win situation. Frank got to win money and the punishment wasn’t really bad, an extra veto possibly in play. What surprised me even more was how intense Dan got during that competition. Dan was definitely in game mode and the other houseguests didn’t like this side of Dan. Dan’s played the game before, so is it really a surprise that he went “Julie Chen Beast Mode?” I don’t think so. Ian however was lucky enough to win the extra veto. But let’s be honest they haven’t mentioned if the extra veto comes with a consequence or a reward. So stay tuned Wednesday if something else happens with that extra veto.

Frank’s decision to finally put up Dan was the smartest move. It’s time to see Dan on the block and as a Have Not. By the way, what happened to America’s Choice? Are they saving that for another week? I really wanted to know what America voted for. Also, did anyone else see the table in the middle of house got smaller? A sign that we are at the beginning of the end.

My Ranking’s Of The Houseguest

1. Frank – He’s sitting pretty as HOH and for the fact that all the other houseguests went to him before the HOH competition forming deals. This shows how strong a player Frank currently is. This might change next week.
2. Jenn – She’s 99% safe this week, unless something horrible happens or another twist is revealed. This little floater is fine for another week.
3. Britney – She’s making deals left & right. She knows when to float to who is in power. Britney is and has always been a floater. So it’s not a surprise she went to Frank before the competition to ensure her safety and her little puppet, Shane. I’m surprised Frank forgets she’s a veteran of the game. This season should be won by a newbie.
4. Shane – Without Britney, Shane would rank a little lower, but since he follows the lead of his former coach he’s doing well. It’s interesting he formed an alliance with the very guy he has been trying to evict every time he has been HOH.
5. Ian – Seems more like the boy who cried wolf then the wolf in sheep’s clothing now. For being a super fan, Ian isn’t really thinking well. If he knew Frank would win the POV, why didn’t he go with his gut and backdoor Frank during the Fast Forward Week? I’m pretty sure Ian knows that in the Quack Pack he’d be the first to go since both former coaches and their players are in the alliance. Ian is the odd one out. It’s not a surprise he’s making deals with Frank, but seems to rely heavily on Britney or Dan for advice.
6. Joe – Floater and he’s safe. Unless Dan or Danielle wins POV then he may be in jeopardy.
7. Danielle – Danielle’s #1 ally is on the block with her, so it’s pretty hard for Danielle to be playing the game effectively since she’s sitting with her coach. I wonder how the POV will pan out.
8. Dan – I may have predicted too quickly to think Dan could win this game. However Dan has been in situations before his season where he was at the bottom and fought his way to the top. Never underestimate Dan, he’s truly a super fan of the game and knows how to separate personal and business feelings. He’s in the Big Brother house to play the game. I just hope it doesn’t send him packing Thursday.

My POV Competition Winner – Joe

For some odd reason I think a floater will win this HOH and this floater is Joe. It’ll probably be an eating challenge and since Joe’s a chef he won’t have any trouble with that. Most likely if Joe were to win he’s not going to use the veto and why would Ian use his special veto either? He could possibly get himself on the block so it’s a risk Ian would probably not want to take. As for Joe that would guarantee him safety for another week.

This week seems to have flown by even though it’s been three days. It’ll be interesting to see the POV competition and then if Dan can get himself off the block. Will Danielle start to campaign against her former coach? Or will Dan campaign against Danielle? Or will Dan even tell Frank about Ian and throw Ian under the bus? So many questions, but I guess we’ll have to wait until Wednesday 8 p.m. and tune in to CBS 62 to see what happens next Detroit!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter /Facebook / Email 


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