DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) Fantasy football fanatic Mike Valenti unveiled his draft picks and pans at this weekend’s Fantasy Football Convention in Royal Oak, and it left some scratching their heads.

How is WR Jordy Nelson on the ‘fantasy busts’ list?

Valenti predicted Nelson will get “8 to 10 touchdowns” this year.

“Look at the amount of receivers that get double-digit touchdowns, much less do it back-to-back seasons, the number, it’s a very, very small number,” Valenti said. “Everybody thinks Deandre Johnson is a wonderful guy, great football player, how many double-digit touchdown seasons does he have? … Nine (per season) is his career high.”

Nelson had 65 or 66 catches last year, Valenti said, and caught 15 touchdowns on 68 passes.

Though he didn’t make Valenti’s list, he added he would “cut off his big toe” to have Victor Cruz on his fantasy team this year.

“Is he going to duplicate a 1,500-yard season? Think about that,” Valenti said.

Matt Dery, Valenti’s co-host during the convention, added that Cruz came out of nowhere and no one had him on their teams in weeks one through nine last year. This year it’s a different story.

“He’s a slot player, that’s who he is, that’s what he does,” Valenti said, later adding, “I think Cruz will be very very good … Just be careful.”

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