DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) Have you drafted your fantasy football team yet? If you did, it was a mistake, according to Mike Stone, host of the Stoney, Bill and Sara show on 97.1 The Ticket.

“Anybody that drafts before week three is over, you should get out of the league,” Stoney said. “We draft the Tuesday night, the day after Labor Day.

Terry Foster, co-host of the Valenti & Foster show agreed, saying injuries and other issues make it ridiculous to choose your team too early.

“You want them on your team, but then you don’t want them on your team because you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Foster said.

Take for instance, a player like Adrian Peterson — does it make sense to draft him early?

“Adrian Peterson to me is like a second or third round pick, but nobody’s going to wait that long because of what he can do,” Foster said.

The running back position is especially tricky, said Jeff Riger of 97.1 The Ticket, saying they used to be the first position he drafted, but now injuries make it a tough call.

“Every team seems like they have three, four, five running backs,” Riger said.

Foster suggested starting with a wide receiver, who can be just as productive as running backs.

“Running backs might last eight weeks, and you’re going to see fewer and fewer rushing yards and fewer rushing touchdowns,” Foster said.

97.1 The Ticket will feature fantasy football video and stories from this weekend’s convention all this week on Get complete fantasy football coverage HERE.


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