BLOOMFIELD HILLS — JobApp, the talent acquisition and management technology provider dedicated to companies with a decentralized workforce, announced the release of its newest paper, “Hiring and I-9 Compliance: What You Need to Know in Changing Times,” available for complimentary download now.

Based on reporting of recent trends, interviews with experts in I-9 compliance and hiring processes, and the uniquely dedicated experience of JobApp in this area, this paper highlights:
• The changing face of I-9 compliance, audits and penalties over the past few years
• Why many companies — especially those with a decentralized workforce — are wise to take a fresh look at what those trends mean for them
• Why an automated I-9 management system for hiring makes sense in response
• What you need to know if you’re considering an automated I-9 system

For example, an I-9 audit no longer needs to start with a scheduled visit from ICE, says Sharon Mehlman, an immigration lawyer and partner in the law firm Larrabee, Mehlman, Albi, Coker LLP.

“Now, ICE can just take a tip from an employee, a hiring-discrimination complaint through the Department of Justice or some other whistle-blower action,” Mehlman said. “The bottom line is that today, no company is above an ICE audit.”

“Hiring and I-9 Compliance: What You Need to Know in Changing Times” adds further value to the discussion about automated I-9 systems by addressing head-on some of the myths about them and what to look for in an automated I-9 system. The paper also explains why even with a paperless I-9 solution, a company can sometimes fail to comply with the federal law.

“An integrated and automated I-9 solution further takes the pain — and the paper — out of I-9 management and compliance by offering users a comprehensive online completion, signature and storage system,” said Blake Helppie, CEO of JobApp.

JobApp gives any company with a decentralized workforce what it needs to hire the best person for the right job, right now. You identify the top 20 percent of applicants at a glance, engage the best candidates quickly and, just as efficiently, you draw a bead on a new employee’s best next move within your company. But that’s only what the candidate and hiring manager might see. Behind the scenes, paperwork is eliminated from the entire process, from application (whether by phone or online,) background checks and assessments  through onboarding and performance management.

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