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DETROIT (97.1 The Ticket) So, which fantasy football draft pick is likely to make your friends laugh the most?

That’s a question 97.1 The Ticket’s Jeff Riger posed at last weekend’s Fantasy Football Convention in Royal Oak, and it elicited a bevy of responses.

“Taking Andrew Luck in the first three rounds, if somebody would do that, they’re idiotic,” answered Mike Stone, co-host of the Stoney, Bill and Sara show.

Drafting a young quarterback too early would make Terry Foster, co-host of the Valenti & Foster show, cringe and mock.

“Any of the rookie quarterbacks, you just don’t know,” Foster said, adding, “I think Andrew Luck will last the season so I’ll take him over Peyton Manning.”

With his history of injuries, Manning won’t last long into the season, Foster said.

“When you turn around and your body squeaks, you may not last the entire season,” Foster added.

Where would they draft Ben Roethlisberger, who Riger said runs more than other quarterbacks?

“Running from the police doesn’t count,” Foster said, adding, “He’s like middle of the pack for quarterbacks.”

97.1 The Ticket will feature fantasy football video and stories from this weekend’s convention all this week on Get complete fantasy football coverage HERE.


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