Finally, after waiting for most of the season, the bat of Delmon Young has come alive. It may be just in time to help the Tigers to a division title, or at least a spot in the playoffs. Time and time again it seemed like he was an automatic out, or worst an automatic double play if someone was on base. It seems like Young was trying to pull everything and was swinging at bad pitches which resulted most times as a harmless ground ball to short. At least for now, he seems willing to wait on pitches and is looking for something he can hit. His brother Dimitri was outgoing and when he had time, would be entertaining for the media. However, Delmon is just the opposite. Most time he’s sullen, or arrogant and give partial answers to questions when he feels like even talking after a game. It might not be fair, but reporters are people too, and if they are treated rudely on a consistent basis you won’t find them friendly when you’re not hitting. I bring this up because players will sometimes talk about why the media only writes or broadcasts the bad things and not the good things they do. So when you hear that complaint..keep in mind sometimes you make your own stew.

These Tigers are impossible to figure. They come off being swept by the Kansas City Royals, then come home and sweep the Chicago White Sox, the team they have to catch. I used to disregard people who said having a loud home crowd can really turn a team around. Now I’m not so sure. The atmosphere at Comerica Park has been electric and the noise is deafening, even for a guy like me who’s half deaf anyway. So maybe it’s not accident the Tigers play so much better when they come back to the “friendly confines.”


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