GARDEN CITY (WWJ) – A wild scene in one Garden City neighborhood as a pickup truck being chased by police crashes into a house.

The driver of the truck allegedly robbed a bank near Merriman and Warren.

The man eventually lost control and hit a tree, then slammed into the front of a house on Harrison street reports WWJ’s Stephanie Davis.

“We intercepted him and a pursuit followed – up and down several streets … he attempted to make a turn and hit the house and the tree,” said Chief Robert Muery.

Ed Campbell saw the chase as he stopped at an intersection: “I looked back at my daughter and I just said, “this is why you stop at stop signs,” and then the officers were right behind him. When we looked (the other way) the police had the street blocked – that’s why he hooked that left and he hit that tree.”

Reports say that the suspect fired off shoots at officers, missed, then tried again, but his gun jammed.

The suspect said if his gun hadn’t jammed, it would have been ‘on’ according to police.

The driver was arrested and the stolen money was recovered.


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