Pandora’s Box makes another surprising return and brings along another former houseguest to the house to bring unwanted joy, while Ian gets an actual week as HOH instead of a span of 30 min. We also see the return of a showmance brewing or at least in the eyes of Danielle. Sunday’s episode was out of this world with holiday cheer and jeers. Did you catch the soundbite at the end of the recap for the beginning of the episode? I couldn’t stop laughing about it. Where DID Jenn come from?

Ian Unwraps Pandora’s Box

Did Ian really need to open Pandora’s Box? I think he was personally just being selfish. Obviously if the HOH gets a nice reward there will be consequences to the other houseguests. And low and behold it comes true. Jesse from Season 10 (the same season as Dan) arrives with gifts of healthy food. I couldn’t help but feel Jesse was a little disappointed he wasn’t selected as a coach for this season and seeing Dan again wasn’t a great feeling for him either. Why put Santa or one of Santa’s helper in a speedo? No thanks! And will we ever see a luxury competition or will it just be a Pandora’s Box decision? I enjoy Pandora’s Box as long as it involves gameplay. Punishing houseguests … I’m alright with it. Eating healthy may seem to be a punishment but it’s a daily reminder for those houseguests to eat healthy and sending a message to viewers to eat healthy too. I’ll take that into consideration as I eat my large meatlover’s pizza and ice cream.

Quack Pack Reunites

Ian is playing a good game, but I he’s relying on people who stabbed him in the back. Dan, Danielle & Shane all voted out Britney and Frank made a great point, “You’re not on Big Brother to make friends you’re there to play the game.” For Ian it’s becoming a bit blurry for him because he wants to play the game but also make friends at the same time. Ian reminds me of Jerry, from Season 10 because Jerry wanted to play the game but never really had a strong alliance to make moves. In the end he was denied the finals by Dan. So for Ian to reunite with his old alliance instead of forming a new one is a bit of a step back in his own strategy. The Quack Pack assures the safety of Dan and Shanielle is also safe. Danielle is love sick about Shane. I was surprised that Jenn riled up the showmance that I thought would be gone. But as Zingbot 3000 said, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a restraining order from Shane to Danielle, ZING!

My Houseguests Rankings

1. Dan – He’s still at the top of my rankings. Not because he’s from Michigan or that he may be one of my favorite houseguests, but he’s definitely playing the game. Dan has won this game before which would make him an obvious target, yet his social game is keeping him in this game. I’m surprised the other houseguests haven’t just thrown him under the bus. Dan did it to the other coaches throughout the game, even though he personally really likes all three of them, for his game it would have been nice to have had them in an alliance but Dan went with the flow of the game and made changes to his gameplay. Does he have a final two? Danielle may be one but during his diary room segments he has said he’s willing to stab everyone in the back to get to the finale, so where is his true allegiance to other than himself?
2. Shane – Even though he didn’t win this week’s HOH, he guaranteed himself as well as Danielle safety for the week. This proves Shane is definitely playing the game and can hold his own. I’m surprised he’s stuck out his final two deal with Danielle. However I would be concerned when it starts to get down to five or four houseguests left. Shane has proven his physical prowess, but during mental competitions he falters a bit.
3. Danielle – Little miss floater is in the top three because of her floating ways. She’s aligned with Shane and Dan, who both have made a pact to take her to the final two. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the final three it came down to Shane, Dan and Danielle would vote to evict her own coach. She’s proven herself in both physical and mental competitions. Even though she may be a floater, she’s definitely playing the game.
4. Ian – He’s currently in power as HOH but next week will be another story. If Ian was smart he would also form an alliance with the other three houseguests to ensure his own safety. As mentioned before he’s like this year’s Jerry, he’ll do good but not enough to make it to the final two.
5. Joe – He’s sitting pretty not being nominated or in any real alliance. Another floater in this game and is definitely just coasting by until he gets evicted. I really wish Joe’s punishment was not speaking for the rest of the game or at least for the week, it would have been an awesome week of not hearing Joe yapping. I wonder if the production team has to turn down his microphone every time he speaks during his diary room.
6. Jenn – Because of her “big move” she’s now paying the price and is nominated. Can she get herself out of this for the POV? We’ll see.
7. Frank – So Frank’s nine lives count is down to one after this week. Will he survive another week?

My Prediction For POV

I really hope Frank or Jenn win the POV, then Ian would probably nominate Joe and then I could foresee Joe leaving the house. That would be ironic because Ian wanted to “avenge” Britney’s eviction but then goes and eliminates a floater. But I can’t wait to tune in Wednesday at 8 p.m. to CBS 62 Detroit to find out what happens next!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 


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