DETROIT (WWJ) – Two people were apprehended as they allegedly tried to bring a gun to the Detroit City Council chambers.

City Council president Charles Pugh said the couple was stopped by police as they walked into the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.

“The woman had a gun in her purse and they asked her about it,” said Pugh. “And the guy who was with her said, ‘Oh, that’s my gun.’ And, so they said, ‘Well, where are you going?’ And they said, ‘We’re going up to City Council.”

Pugh said the two were taken into custody for questioning.  He said it wasn’t clear what, if anything, they’d intended to do.

No one was hurt and no names were released.

The incident prompted a discussion among council members about their security when they’re out in public.

Councilwoman JoAnn Watson said a man threatened to shoot her at last weekend’s Detroit Jazz Festival.

“When we’re out in the public on weekends … sometimes we’re not doing anything. I don’t need anyone protecting me when I’m at home making a cornbread dressing,” said Watson. “But if I’m at a public event, as a public official — and it’s on my calendar, my council calendar — then we should have staggered (security) coverage.”

“For public events that benefit the city, nobody should be able to walk to you, a council member, and say, ‘Imma bust a cap in you,’ without being apprehended,” Watson said.

Watson said there are only 11 elected officials in the city, so providing security would not be too taxing on the Detroit Police Department.

Not all council members agreed that such protection was necessary.


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