By: Sara

Did somebody slip Jennifer Granholm 15 extra energy drinks before she spoke at the Democratic National Convention Thursday night? The former Michigan governor was almost unrecognizable as she morphed into a mix of a Howard Dean speech and Oprah giving everyone in the audience a new car. The Tom Cruise couch jumping incident looks like child’s play compared to the Granholm fist pump-a-palooza we saw last night.

At 1:42 is when she really starts to get going and then at 2:44 she loses her mind with the fist pumps (the Jersey Shore kids were jealous). I was concerned for her health at one point, when I noticed how red her neck and chest were becoming. She was doing so much yelling, I think Granholm forgot that there was a microphone in front of her. That microphone is attached to speakers, Jennifer, and their job is to amplify sound. I am not here to debate the merit of her message, I was just confused by the way she decided to convey it.


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