By Sandra McNeill

DETROIT (WWJ) – Attorneys will be back at federal court in Detroit Monday for another day of jury selection in the Kwame Kilpatrick corruption trial. As there will be no cameras allowed in the courtroom, it will be another challenging day for a local man with quick fingers.

Jerry Lemenu is an art teacher at Ferndale High School and for special cases like the Kilpatrick trial; a sketch artist.

“It’s exciting and it’s challenging, you have to be ready for a possibility but mostly you have to be open and quick if there is a hug or embrace that is meaningful or if (someone) gets up angrily – it is a significant part of the day – you have to get that,” said Lemenu. “And sometimes even in the middle of a sketch all of the sudden the mood will shift and you have to adjust the expression on the go.”

He says he can sketch in a minute if he has to, and has as many as four different sketches going at once.

He says of Kilpatrick’s face – that it is very mobile and very expressive face.

Lemenu will be drawing that face for at least four media outlets, including TV during the Kilpatrick trial.


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