BIRMINGHAM — It’s not that hard to see that David Bleznak and Jason Rosenbaum are the kind of young guys who will probably go far.

Born to entrepreneurial families and friends since Cranbrook, they’ve been working on businesses together since the ninth grade.

Back then it was delivering bagels on Saturday mornings and producing highlight videos for youth soccer teams.

Today, after Bleznak graduated from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business and Rosenbaum got a management degree from Indiana University,  their company is Imovation Solutions and their passion is gaming.

Rosenbaum said his family has been involved in licensing corporate toys and giveaways for 20 years — stuffed animals, pens, stationery and other stuff for everything from Disney to Angry Birds.

Bleznak’s family, meanwhile, is in real estate.

Today, Bleznak said, “we’re leveraging the relationships both families have” to make advergames.

Their first product is a game for the suburban Detroit business success story Five Hour Energy. In the game, available for both smartphones and tablets, the player runs through the streets of a city and through an office complex, late for work. He powers up by picking up Five Hour Energy bottles and coins.

They say they’re working on several other marketing games that they can’t talk about just yet.

“We’ve done a lot of research and met up with a lot of developers,” Bleznak said. “Now we have relationships with all these developers around the world, so if we want to make a 3-D game like this (for Five Hour Energy), we have the perfect developers for it, and if we want to make a 2-D game or social game, we have the perfect developers for that too. We think that gives us a leg up on other game developers with their own staff, because when you hire a game developer, you hire their in-house staff and their limitations. We don’t have those limitations. Also, all the products we develop are going to have a different look and feel. Everything is going to be unique.”

Added Rosenbaum: “We feel like we’re experts in this field because it’s so new, so we feel we know as much about this as anybody.”

Imovation now has relationships with game developers in California, New York, Vancouver, British Columbia and India.

For now, the entire staff of the company is Bleznak and Rosenbaum. But they said they’re getting ready to start hiring soon.

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