DETROIT (WWJ) – Hundreds of people in danger of losing their home came to the Renaissance Center for a ‘Help for Homeowners’ community event.

The program is co-sponsored by the Obama administration and Hope Now. People at risk of losing their homes met face to face with their lenders in an effort to work out some resolution to their housing problems.

Lisa of Detroit attended the event but realized she’d have more paper work to fill out.

She’d like to save her home but realizes that might not happen. “I’ve had five sets of the same sheets … but different documents,” she said. “I had a really nice lady that was helping me with my mortgage and telling me what I needed – it’s just unfortunate when … you fill out so many documents – they need more.”

Lisa said she will continue the paperwork in an effort to save her Detroit home.

Ne’Jay got the result he was looking for – working to obtain a ‘deed in lieu’ (of foreclosure) from his lender even though his credit will take a hit.

“The awesome part is that if they accept the deed in lieu – I have about a 45 day process to go through – at the end of the day I can walk away from my house with possible transition help … and I am clear and free,” he said.

Click on HERE for more information.


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