Key-Whitman Eye Center Selects Versus RTLS for Patient Flow and Satisfaction: Following several months of research, Key-Whitman Eye Center, an ophthalmic services center with offices in Dallas, Plano and Arlington, Texas has selected the Versus Advantages Real-time Locating Solution (RTLS) from Traverse City-based Versus Technology Inc. to improve patient flow and satisfaction. Key-Whitman will use Versus Advantages to enable real-time visibility at and across each of its three clinics. By providing patients and staff with Versus badges (small, dual-technology badges that emit unique Infrared and RFID locating signals), Versus automatically records interaction with the patient, notifying all of what has happened with the patient and what still needs to happen — all while recording the time it takes to complete each treatment interval. Just as the EHR is important for documenting patient care and outcomes, an accurate RTLS is important for improving the patient experience and operational efficiency — both of which impact patient satisfaction. Known for its open integration platform, Versus’ RTLS will integrate to MedEvolve, the clinics’ practice management system, to enable hands-free documentation and increase data availability for patient monitoring by staff. This integration will also help Key-Whitman develop a scheduling template to balance and improve the pace of work for staff. The Versus Advantages RTLS will minimize the typical peaks and valleys of staff workloads often correlating with these extended exam times which cause missed lunch breaks for staff and complaints from other patients about delays. By creating a more accurate scheduling template, Key-Whitman hopes to improve patient satisfaction from an already high average of 88 percent and improve staff morale by eliminating stress caused by patient scheduling conflicts and unrealistic time allowances.


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