SYLVAN LAKE — Michigan-based All USA Clothing, an apparel and footwear retailer with a 25-year-old history serving both general consumers and wholesalers with products American-made products, has launched its new Web site, and broadened its business with an expanded product offering.

In response to increased sales, the company said its new site offers customers a greater selection of products Made in the USA. The company said the new site is easier to navigate and better organized for consumers and wholesalers alike.

“Something remarkable is happening in the U.S. right now,” contends All USA Clothing founder Michael Zerkel. “There is a movement that had been quietly gaining momentum via blogs, Web sites, and dedicated consumers and this movement is creating awareness and increasing sales for products that are made right here in the USA. The obvious message is that we are all in this together. Investment in USA-made products benefits each and every American and our economy at large. Over this past year alone, we have seen over 100 percent increase in our sales and we have an amazing, dedicated customer base to thank for our success.”

Added All USA Clothing co-founder Emma Zerkel: “We attribute a great deal of this increased interest and awareness to the made in USA movement.  Our inboxes and Facebook page are filled with incredible comments from customers thanking us for hanging in there and supporting products made in the USA. We have never wavered from our commitment to American Made products, but this year was different; there has been so much interest and so much more support. Now we in turn can hire skilled American workers to build a user-friendly Web site for those customers, hire more employees and we can place more orders with our all USA vendors. All of which boosts the American workforce and literally helps to kick start local economies. Everyone wins!”

Aside from a refreshed logo, look and feel for All USA, the new Web site includes such features as a rotating photo carousel on the home page highlighting merchandise and specials, and user-friendly categorized shopping tabs with something for everyone.

All USA sells a wide variety of jeans, T-shirts, jackets, shoes, boots and much more in iconic American-made brands including King Louie, New Balance, Stormy Kromer, Carhartt and other celebrated domestic brands for the entire family. All USA Clothing also offers union-made and non-union manufacturing services like custom embroidery, screen printing and heat-pressing.

Additionally, All USA sells wholesale products to businesses of every scale looking to purchase American made apparel and accessories as well as custom manufacturing for organizations intent on creating branded or custom-made American products.


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