Forget about the Fierce Five, we’ve got the Foursome Quack Pack left in the house. I apparently can’t count or read series finale dates but we’re now left with three episodes of this seasons “Big Brother!” Which means only three more breakdowns left from me.

Jenncity On The Outs

It isn’t a surprise that it was a unanimous vote for her to be evicted. I found it funny how heated Jenn was towards Dan. Ironically Jenn was the one that decided to use the veto on him, which pretty much sealed her fate in the game. I would have loved for Jenn to throw Dan under the bus to Ian. But alas that didn’t happen and we saw Jenncity say hello to Julie Chen. Who would’ve thought Julie Chen would give Jenncity a pb&j sandwich which “Big Brother” buffs will know that was the punishment before slop and Jenn was delighted to see food other than slop. Now that Jenn’s out of the Big Brother house, while she’s in jury she’ll be delighted to eat some regular food again.

Shanielle Showmance Continues

The luxury prize was a bit of a cop out, in my opinion. Yes, Shane & Danielle were able to leave the house, but to see the Fierce Five, USA’s women’s gymnastics team? I would say an honor but not a luxury. I laughed that Shane & Danielle did The Maroney Face with the Fierce Five. Also, Danielle is definitely on cloud nine being on this luxury prize with Shane. Their “first date” was kind of funny, because weeks before Shane admitted to wanting to be just friends. Aly Raisman had the best sound clip — asking Shane & Danielle if they were a couple. Throughout that segment it was pretty much Danielle talking about the experience and less about Shane, who actually won the luxury prize.

I enjoyed how Dan brought it back to the game when Shane & Danielle got back from their trip. While Danielle struggles to decide who she’ll eventually take to the end — if I was Danielle I would go with my gut and your heart is closer to your gut so take Shane. However I would like to see Dan & Danielle in the final two. But there is still a week’s worth of gameplay left.

My Houseguests Rankings

  1. Danielle – Has a place in the final three. So it will really be up to that lone vote to evict Danielle’s nominations. Will she either backdoor someone or say goodbye to her coach or her shomance? It will be an interesting 24 hours (or technically 48 hours for live feed viewers) to see how Danielle’s rein will be.
  2. Dan – He’s safe for this episode and this week. The only way he would not be safe is if Danielle decides to nominate both Dan & Shane for eviction and leaving the vote up to Ian. However I believe Dan has that base covered but in this house as always, “Expect The Unexpected.” The POV is going to be the most important competition for Dan if he wants to guarantee himself a place in the final three.
  3. Shane – Will be safe unless Ian wins POV, if Ian does win it will be Shane’s going to the jury house. Unless he can manipulate Ian to evict Dan.
  4. Ian – Unless he can win POV, Ian can expect himself to be walking out. If Ian is a true super fan of this game he would know get rid of your strongest competitor. It may look to be Shane but it really is Dan and if Ian was smart he’d convince Danielle to get Dan out of the house.

My POV Competition Prediction

I believe Danielle will win this competition within seconds of Ian’s time. When it gets closer to the end it becomes more endurance and puzzle competitions. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this POV will be a timed puzzle competition. If Danielle wins she’ll probably keep her nominations the same. Her nominations would probably be Ian & Dan because they both have nominated her on the chopping block so it would only make sense for her to nominate them. Whatever the outcome of the POV competition will be, the sole decision will be with the houseguest who’s not up for eviction and that person will decide who joins them and Danielle in the final three. It’s a competition of followers vs Dan. Hopefully the “followers” will realize they’ve been led by someone who would backstab each of them to get to the end. Which isn’t a bad thing, it wins competitions. This should matter to Danielle, Ian and Shane. Again, I’m a fan of Dan but I’m more of a fan of a “newbie” winning “Big Brother.” Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 9 p.m. on CBS 62 in Detroit to see who Danielle nominates, wins POV and gets evicted!

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Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 


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