Tonight’s episode was just one big filler. I was really disappointed in not seeing who the final two are and just reflecting on the season. I’ve decided to go back to memory lane as well. I started watching Season 10 of Big Brother again, where Dan won with a unanimous vote. From watching this season I think it’s time to breakdown how each of the final three will stand with the jury as well as who would vote for who. I’ll also mention my favorite moments from the season.

Jury Members

Ashley – I think she’s definitely been away from the game long enough to have cooled off. However, she definitely is playing with her emotions and she would love to see Dan be the final jury member. If Ian is in the final two, Ian can be assured Ashley’s vote. Now, if Danielle and Dan were in the final two, Ashley would follow whoever Frank votes for.

Britney – During the segment in the Jury House it seemed like Britney was for Dan. In any situation where Dan is in the final two, Britney will cast her vote for Dan, not because he was a coach but because he played the game. Britney has also cooled off being in the Jury House. Even though she made a strong bond with Ian and Danielle, game wise Britney knows Dan has played this game since Day One and deserves the half million dollars.

Frank – Scorned by both Dan & Ian if Danielle is in the final two, Frank’s vote will most likely go to her. Hopefully he’ll see that it was nothing personal and it was a game. Frank is definitely a super fan but didn’t want to lose this game. He’s definitely voting with his emotions. If he did have to choose between either Dan or Ian – I would suspect he’d vote for Ian because they were on the same coach and a “newbie” deserves to win over someone who has already won.

Joe – Will be a wild card vote. I believe his vote will solely be decided from hearing the houseguests pleas and answering the Jury questions. It’ll be interesting to see where Joe’s vote will lie on finale night.

Jenn – She left on a positive note and I can definitely see Jenn voting with her head instead of her emotions. If Dan is in the finals, Jenn will probably ask Dan something along the line of her saving him then backstabbing her and why should she vote for her. For game she’ll probably vote for either Dan or Ian than Danielle. If it’s between both Ian and Dan she’d probably go with Ian since Frank would like to see a “newbie” win over someone who has already won.

Shane – Hurt by Dan, whoever is against him will get Shane’s vote. If between Ian and Danielle, obviously his vote is for Danielle. Shane has been loyal to Danielle since their “pinky promise” to the final two deal. However that was ended by Dan last episode. So I would be surprised if he did vote for Dan to win.

Favorite Moment Of The Season

My favorite moment of the season has been the fight between Frank & Ian after Dan saved himself from being evicted by getting Jenn to use the POV on him. The reason this is my favorite moment as oppose to “Dan’s BB Funeral,” is because we finally see Ian start to break. I enjoy seeing the houseguest lose their cool because they start to think the game gets personal when really it’s just a game. For Ian he was losing a member of his alliance and he didn’t want to lose his number one confidant, which was Britney. This was a good moment because we saw Frank arguing in a carrot suit all while Ian is trying to defend Britney. When in reality Ian should have called out Dan and proves to America that Dan is in it – to win it. The ‘Funeral,’ may have been his best moment but the aftermath was much better because the other houseguest fell for everything he was saying.

End Scenario

Dan Vs. Ian – This will end being a 4-3 vote in favor of Ian. The houseguests are definitely voting on emotion rather than gameplay. Dan has made much more significant gameplay than Ian, however, the houseguest (Frank, Ashley, Jenn, Joe) will vote for Ian because he’s a newbie who withstood the “coaches” and proven himself as a player. But the other three (Britney, Shane, Danielle) will know who actually played the game, which was Dan not Ian. Ian did make some moves like getting Boogie and Ashley out. Dan has orchestrated getting Britney, Jenn, Joe and Shane out of the house. This scenario will be an interesting one to see play out.

Ian Vs. Danielle – With Dan in Jury, he’ll definitely be pulling for Danielle to win. I wonder –  if Danielle wins, does that mean he still gets his original offer? Winning $100,000 for “coaching” his player to winning the $500,000? We’ll see. Overall in this scenario, Ian should win, he has played the game, whereas Danielle has honestly been riding the coattails of the Quack Pack and Dan. She may have been in power a few times and won POVs but she was being lead by her coach all the way. This vote will probably be a 5-2 vote for Danielle, where the two votes for Ian will probably be from Britney and Joe.

Danielle Vs. Dan – It’s a little bit of a win/win situation for Dan. He made it to the finals with one of his players and is guaranteed at least $50,000. Granted he’ll be guaranteed $50,000 if he is with Ian but it’ll be more rewarding with Danielle in the final two. Either way,  if Dan makes it to the final two, it’s a feat in itself, being the first Big Brother player to reach the finals twice and it’d be an even greater feat if he won again. This vote may swing 4-3 as well with bitter Jury members voting for Danielle to win. However, if they vote with their head and not with their emotions Dan should be the clear winner between the two.

Prediction Of The Winner

It’s too close of a race to say who will win because it really all comes down to the final HOH. Win, lose or draw – this season has definitely been one where it wasn’t obvious who the clear winner will be, maybe that’s because they didn’t show who the final two were tonight, or it’s still a toss-up. Either way I stand by my halfway point prediction that Dan Gheesling, our Michigan Cathlotic school teacher will win it again. I know my predictions have the odds against him, but let’s look back at his season. He fought the odds and won the game his first time around with a unanimous vote. So I will not be surprised if he pulls it off again! I want to see Dan win and bring home the title once again back to Michigan!

Tune in Wednesday at 9:30 p.m. on CBS 62 following the premiere of Survivor Philippines! We’re even treated to a 90 minute finale! Who will you be cheering for? I’m definitely cheering for Dan! TEAM DAN!

Mark Drum is a Farmington Hills, MI native and Big Brother fan since 2000. He auditioned for Big Brother 13 and 14. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Theatre Arts. He’s a member of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity and can be found popping up in movie production sets around Detroit like as an extra in Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Connect with Mark! Blogspot / Twitter / Facebook / Email 


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