I was watching Fox-2’s sports talk show this week end….and 97.1’s Jamie Samuelson made an interesting point. Remember the bad old days of 2003 when the Tigers had a chance to set the all time record for losses in a season? Tiger fans dreamed of the day that the team could once again be a contender and playing meaningful games in September. Well, that’s the situation now but it doesn’t seem like anyone is enjoying it. I’m not sure why…perhaps its because the team is clearly better than anyone else in the division, and have been shooting themselves in the foot. That’s my guess. It seems time after time they make mental mistakes while running the bases, or missing critical double plays and giving opponents 4 or 5 more outs per inning. In any case , let’s enjoy it and remember what it was like when the team was the  joke of baseball.

I really believe that if the Tigers fail to get into the playoffs…manager Jim Leyland should be fired. I don’t say this lightly. In fact, I’ve been defending him all season but over the past 6 weeks or so he’s made some decisions that not only open him to criticism but also has left me baffled at times. Not only that but I think he’s been showing signs of being burned out..railing against fans and the media about their questions about his line up choices. Obviously you can let either decide your mind about who should be playing or who shouldn’t. But he gets fixated on something and even after it’s proven not to be the right decision he stubbornly refuses to change his  mind. This doesn’t mean I want him to fail. Actually it’s just the opposite because if he succeeds  the Tigers will make the playoffs.


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