By Ryan Wooley

By: Ryan Wooley

It’s hard to believe we’re already two weeks into the NFL season and that September is more than halfway over. It’s also hard to believe that after two weeks I sit at just 16-14 in pick’em games after a miserable 7-8 week two.

I’m not making excuses but honestly, who saw the Patriots laying an egg at home against Arizona? Or how about the Titans who have managed just under 60 total rushing yards in two games to start the year 0-2? I’m sure the Patriots pick probably knocked most of you out of your survival pools, but if you’re still looking to make some money, hang in there, I’ll get you back on the plus side here in week three.

As always, feel free to follow me on Twitter @WooleyMammoth85 and let me know if my picks have helped or hurt you.

Week three NFL action: (Minus Thursday’s game between the Giants and Panthers)

Rams @ Bears: I think right out of the gate in this one you will see Jay Cutler take an early sack as the offensive line tries to teach him a lesson that when you call one player out, you call them all out. Providing he is ready for that sack and doesn’t turn it over, I don’t see why the Rams would stand a chance in this one. Yes, St. Louis beat Washington, but Chicago is clearly the better team. Plus, if Forte can’t play, Bush can step in and the offense won’t miss a beat. Bears win.

Browns vs. Bills: It’s not a surprise that the Browns are 0-2 so far this season but what is a surprise, is that they easily could be 2-0 after being in both games against the Eagles and Bengals. Buffalo meanwhile comes in 1-1 and even though they lost Fred Jackson to injury, has looked great with CJ Spiller in the backfield. I say another close loss for the Browns.

Bucs @ Cowboys: I’ll admit, I gave Dallas too much credit after their week one victory over the Giants and thought they would do well out West in Seattle. Boy was I wrong. This game could go a long way to prove whether Dallas was as good as they were in week one or as bad as they were in week two. I’d say they’re better than they played in week two and take this game. Dallas wins.

Colts vs. Jaguars: After taking the Colts down the field for a game winning drive and getting his first win of the season, the Colts are riding high and have a ton of momentum, while Jacksonville was just destroyed by the Texans and are reeling after a 0-2 start. I think with this game being at home the Jags do have the advantage and Maurice Jones-Drew should have a field day against Indy’s defense. Jacksonville wins their first game.

Jets @ Dolphins: This is kind of the same scenario with the Cowboys. Are the Jets as good as they looked in week one or as bad as they looked in week two, while the same can be said for the Dolphins but opposite. Are they as bad as they were in week one or as good as they were in week two? I personally think the Dolphins are a decent team, but decent only wins you five games this year. The Jets however have higher expectations and with their talent, should win at least nine and this will be their second victory.

Vikings vs. 49ers: After a close loss to the Colts last week the Vikings are looking to get back on track but will struggle as they match up with arguably the best team in the NFC in the 49ers. San Francisco of course is coming off a victory over Detroit on Sunday Night Football and have the look of a Super Bowl team. With that said, I don’t see any problem for San Fran in this one. 49ers win as Frank Gore has a field day on the ground.

Chiefs @ Saints: If anyone had the guts to bet against the Saints for two straight weeks for any reason, I give you mad props. I thought for sure they would roll against Washington in week one and for sure not fall to 0-2 as they played the Panthers last week, but alas here they sit. There is no way the Chiefs outplay them to drop them to 0-3 is there? I didn’t think so. New Orleans wins going away and Drew Brees has the breakout game I’ve been calling for the last two weeks.

Redskins vs. Bengals: RG3 has been everything all the experts said he would be–gifted, athletic, proven winner and a team leader. He nearly got the Redskins off to a 2-0 start but fell just short last week against St. Louis while the Bengals have the same qualities in their quarterback in Andy Dalton. This should be a fun game to watch and I see Washington coming out on top.

Eagles @ Cardinals: Nine turnovers in two games and yet Philly is 2-0 for the first time since 2004!? They also hold the longest winning streak dating back to last season with a total of six victories. Can you imagine what this team will do when they start playing well? Guess will find out in this rematch of Vick vs. Kolb. Eagles win and start 3-0.

Chargers vs. Falcons: For as good as Atlanta played on Monday Night Football, they failed to take advantage of Peyton Manning’s three first quarter interceptions and had to hold on for the win in the end. Good teams don’t do that as they use turnovers to their advantage and perhaps we’re seeing that Atlanta is not as good as we all expected. San Diego meanwhile is 2-0 and looks pretty solid all the way around. I think with Phillip Rivers coming off a big performance and Michael Turner’s arrest causing a distraction to the Falcons, the Chargers win.

Texans @ Broncos: Through the first two weeks the Houston Texans have showed exactly why they’re considered the Super Bowl favorite in the AFC, and I don’t see that changing against Denver. Should be a close game but I think the Texans take it in the end.

Raiders vs. Steelers: Even though the Raiders are 0-2 on the year, don’t sleep on the Silver and Black. It took them three and a half quarters to wake up and start playing well against the Chargers and allowed two big plays that turned the tide in their matchup with the Dolphins last week. I can’t imagine they allow Pittsburgh to walk into the black hole and walk out with a victory. Give me Oakland.

Patriots @ Ravens: This is the rematch of last year’s AFC Championship game that the whole city of Baltimore has been waiting for. Sure, a victory wouldn’t mean as much in week three as it would have in the title game from last year, but some redemption and a win would do Baltimore and their up-tempo offense well after dropping a winnable game against Philly. New England meanwhile is coming off an embarrassing loss to the Cardinals at home where they even had a chance to win but missed the game winning field goal after a fumble by Arizona. This should be a tightly contested contest and in the end, I say Baltimore wins.

Seahawks vs. Packers: Green Bay is still yet to show that they’re the juggernaut that they were last season when they rolled to a 15-1 regular season while Seattle is looking to prove that they’re going to be an elite team to mess with this year. Yes, the Seahawks destroyed the Cowboys last week while Green Bay struggled to beat the Bears, but I see no problem for the Pack. Green Bay wins.

Lions @ Titans: I said the Lions would start the year 3-1 heading into their bye week and then go 3-3 and I have not seen anything through two weeks to think that I’m wrong. Detroit will also get Mikel LeShoure on the field for the first time this season and if last week was any indication about what kind of game plan they’d like to have, then LeShoure should get quite a few touches and Detroit will become a more balanced team. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing, but this should be a victory none the less. Detroit wins.


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