It was a brutal beat down. The Detroit Lions lose during week three against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville Sunday afternoon.

97.1 The Ticket’s Terry Foster called into First Forecast Mornings to talk to anchor Syma Chowdhry about this tough loss.

The Lions made an amazing comeback to send the game to overtime, but a botched 4th and 1 situation cost them the game. Foster put it this way, “When you give up 6 plays of, what was it, 50 yards or more for scores, you’re down two touchdowns with less than a minute to go — you don’t deserve to win a game. They’re fortunate to be in that position, but then, they’re in position to win the game and they blow it”

And who is at fault? Foster answers that question by saying, “First of all I’m going to blame it on Jim Schwartz. When you call a play, all eleven people have to know what the play is.”

Adding insult to injury, the replacement officials’ performance was also lack-luster. “These officials were doofuses too. If they’re doing a measurement for a play that’s two yards short. C’mon! Really? Get outta here,” said Foster laughing.

With Matthew Stafford going out of the game on a leg injury, Shawn Hill took a few snaps and was able to move the ball. What should Lions fans take away from that? “I have a lot of faith in Shawn Hill. I think he’s a good quarterback, but the bottom line is Stafford is your franchise guy. You need him out there,” said Foster.

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