Worst Calls By Refs In Detroit Sports History

By: Dennis Fithian


1. Thanksgiving 1998 Coin Toss: Ref Phil Luckett blows the coin toss. Steelers running back Jerome Bettis can’t believe that the Lions end up getting the ball after he correctly calls the flip of the coin. Lions go on to win 19-16


2. June 4, 2010 Andres Galarraga/Jim Joyce: Perfect game robbed by the first base umpire. There’s a book out about the blown call and these two are forever linked after that night at Comerica Park.


3. 1988 NBA Finals Game Six: Phantom call on Bill Laimbeer checking Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Bad Boys would have run off a three peat if LA didn’t get that terrible call.


4. September 2010 Lions NFL Season Opener At Chicago: Calvin Johnson catches the game winning touchdown but after review officials rule Johnson, “did not complete the process” It looks like a catch but the rule says otherwise.

This is a lot like this past MNF game at Seattle. The officials should have called pass interference. The officials should have come together and made one call not two different simultaneous calls. The touchdown looked like it should have been ruled an interception but if you look at the rule the refs got that call correct.


5. 1997-2012 Tomas Holmstrom goalie interference: Homer got to be so good in front of the net, officials would call him for being in the crease even if it was just his back end. In 1999 when the refs would call off goals off if a player’s toe nail was in the crease. Brett Hull would go to score, in the crease, in triple OT in the 1999 Stanley Cup Finals.

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