WEST BRANCH (WWJ) – A mid-Michigan community is supporting a teenaged girl who was named to her high school homecoming court as part of an apparent prank.

Saturday night, Whitney Kropp is going to the dance, with the help of some local businesses that are pitching in to get her homecoming-ready.

Shannon Champagne is doing Kropp’s hair and make up free of charge:

“You know in high school everything means everything to you, especially at 16, and so I thought, I might as well make it easy for her and offer it out there,” said Champagne.

Whitney Kropp was greeted with cheers last night as she took the field at her West Branch high school’s homecoming football game.

Many in the stands donned orange t-shirts made special for the occasion… that read “It’s not cool to be cruel.”

Earlier in the month, Kropp learned from classmates that she was nominated to the homecoming court as a prank.

While the high school sophomore said she had thoughts of suicide after learning of the cruel joke, the small town rallied around the teen, a support Whitney Kropp Facebook page was created and Kropp turned the tables on the pranksters – enjoying herself as part of the homecoming court Friday evening.

According to the Associated Press she was escorted to the field by her father and grandfather as everyone including the opposing team cheered Kropp on with banners.


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