MACOMB COUNTY (WWJ) – A shutdown of much of Macomb County government is averted, as the County Board of Commissioners approve the budget for the coming fiscal year in an emergency meeting.

The dispute started on Thursday when commissioners turned in a budget that County Executive Mark Hackel’s finance staff said was not legal.

Hackel told WWJ that the budget had to be approved last-minute– just two days before some programs would have shut down on Monday.

“There is absolutely no disputing the facts, that it was inappropriate, the budget that they put forth or said that they appropriated Thursday, they met today, I’m glad they did and now we can move forward to at least deal with the daily operations of county government,” said Hackel.

Hackel says this is the first time the board has met on a Saturday.

Earlier in the day it was reported that Macomb County services would be shut down if no  agreement was met.


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