The Weekend Buzz while you were paging through the dictionary looking up these words folks are calling each other in the fierce Miguel Cabrera-Mike Trout AL MVP debate. Whatever happened to civil disagreement, I don’t know. But I do know how the awards should go. …

AL MVP: 1.Miguel Cabrera, Tigers. 2. Mike Trout, Angels. 3. Adrian Beltre, Rangers. 4. Josh Hamilton, Rangers. 5. Adam Jones, Orioles. 6. Robinson Cano, Yankees. 7. Prince Fielder, Tigers. 8. Derek Jeter, Yankees. 9. Alex Rios, White Sox. 10. Ben Zobrist, Rays.

You can dissect this more ways than a biology class frog, and when you’re finished, I guarantee only one thing: You’ll come away with more blood on your hands on this. Cabrera and Trout are such different players. Far as I’m concerned there is no wrong answer here, they each deserve an MVP award. But you’ve gotta pick one, and based on the most dangerous bat in the game and season-long production, Cabrera is the choice here.

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