Two Weeks Ago We Decided To Un-Retire The Jinx Wall

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CBS Detroit e) Doug Karsch
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By: Doug Karsch

What is the Jinx Wall? Here at our studios — years ago, another radio station got great ratings and they were posted on this wall — the ratings dropped. Then, after we moved into these studios a Pudge Rodriguez Fat Head went up on that wall and shortly after that, he was not longer a Tiger. It was replaced by a Curtis Granderson Fathead — Grandy was promptly traded.

We decided to try and harness the power of this “Jinx Wall.” And we used it, with the help of Fat Head, to Jinx the Cleveland Indians and Phoenix Coyotes with great success.

After almost two year we contacted Fat Head and they sent us a White Sox logo and up it went. At the time the White Sox were three games up on the Tigers — and with the Logo on the Jinx Wall the White Sox went 2-10 and the Tigers clinched the division. So Tuesday we took down the logo.

Good Work Jinx wall.

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