By a) Mike Stone

By: Mike Stone

I have a friend who is a huge Michigan fan. He has two pet peeves about his alma mater’s football team. Number one is the fact that Michigan head coach Brady Hoke does not wear headsets. It drives him nuts. So instead of me trying to give an explanation of why I thought he abstains from the headsets, I went right to the coach himself.“It is overrated,” Hoke said in his weekly radio segment on Stoney and Bill. “You ever watch guys on headsets? They don’t say a word. This gives me an opportunity to coach kids during the course of a game. The game is a mental game. It’s a game of emotion and enthusiasm, a game of teaching. No. 1, not wearing a headset, I get to teach on the sideline, and I get to be a real part of it” He also scoffed at those who suggest he does not know the plays that are being called, ” I do know what the calls are, because there’is a guy standing right behind me who tells me every call that’s going in.”

My friends other pet peeve is with Dennard Robinson. He thinks Robinson is a bad quarterback. Earlier this week Hoke said that Robinson is a damn good quarterback, Thursday he reiterated that, “There’is a history there with what he’s done. You look at how he’s played, you look at where he will be at the end of the day, with total yardage and moving the ball and team scoring points and all that stuff. He’s done an awful lot. I don’t think, and you can correct me, but we all don’t have a great day every day.”

Hoke also addressed this week’s game at Purdue and does not think Kirk Herbstreit’s pick of Purdue means much,”If we need Herbie’s motivation, then we’re not the team that I think we’re going to be. Our guys have a lot of self-pride in representing Michigan.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.


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