By Beth Fisher

PONTIAC (WWJ) – At a news conference in Pontiac, Democratic congressmen John Dingell and Sander Levin along with UAW Secretary/Treasurer Dennis Williams spoke about GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan.

Williams says he used to live about 20 miles from Ryan’s district in Wisconsin, and while Ryan was in Congress, the UAW lost Delphi to Mexico, along with losing GM and Chrysler plants.

“There is a pattern because Mitt Romney was a different person on that stage in that debate then I’ve ever seen before – this is the candidate that said “Let Detroit go bankrupt,”” Williams said.

“Paul Ryan is doing the same thing he has always done … now running for vice president of the United States, saying all the right things to anybody that wants to hear them but has a plan to do all the wrong things in Washington,” he said.

Dems think he is too far to the right and would make cuts to education and Pell grants.

Levin says the Republicans are talking out of both sides of their mouths on the issues.

“They are undertaking, in an effort to disguise their program, they are shifting positions and they are doing so … on taxes,” said Levin.

Levin says he has not been able to work collaboratively with Ryan on the Ways and Means Committee, saying that Ryan is too far to the right.


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