I’ve heard people saying the Tigers are a team of destiny…as their opposition has been self destructing over the past few weeks. But I think to say that is insulting to the team. That’s discounting the fact that the Tigers have become a team that believes in itself. Instead of losing the one run games like in July and August….the club is on the winning end. Listen to what the players are saying…they don’t get down when the other team scores because they are confident they can come back. The Tigers have discovered they can play a game any way that’s needed..small ball, long ball, whatever. I know this won’t be popular….but manager Jim Leyland has been making all the right choices. Using Avasail Garcia, Don Kelly, Qunitin Berry all put pressure on the defense, and that can force defensive mistakes. So the next time someone calls them a “Team of Destiny”….remind them of the determination and the confidence the Tigers exude.


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