DETROIT (WWJ) – Jurors began deliberations Wednesday afternoon in the case of D’Andre Lane, who is accused of killing his 2-year-old daughter after she wet her pants.

In closing arguments, defense attorney Terry Johnson bashed the investigative work of Detroit police.

“You see the way he talked to Mr. Lane. Mr. Lane’s trying to cooperate and they’re pounding on the table and they’re telling him he’s a demon! ‘You got a demon inside of you,’ and they’re just going after him on an assumption. We don’t believe you,” said Johnson.

bianca jones Jury Deliberates In Bianca Jones Murder Case

Bianca Jones

Johnson has told jurors that Bianca Jones was abducted, but Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Carin Goldfarb said Lane faked a carjacking in an elaborate story to cover up his child’s murder.

“… Bianca Jones is dead. She died at 2 years old and he killed her. He killed her and he threw away her body with the garbage,” said Goldfarb. “Carjackers do not leave the car and take the baby.”

Goldfarb also pointed out that Lane didn’t immediately dial 911 when his daughter was supposedly taken.

Johnson countered, “(Because he didn’t) get scared and scream,’My baby!’ doesn’t make him guilty. It makes him a punk.”

Bianca went missing in December. Her body has never been found, but police said a cadaver dog detected evidence in a closet at Lane’s home.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors painted Lane as an abusive father was obsessed with potty training his children. Prosecutors alleged Lane beat Bianca to death, covered her body with a blanket and put her in her car seat. They said he then drove Bianca’s siblings to school before dumping her body.

Defense attorneys called a police officer to the stand on Tuesday who said she saw a girl that looked like Bianca a week after the alleged carjacking.

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