By Ron Dewey

DETROIT (WWJ) – A cab driver was shot to death during an apparent robbery at gas station on Detroit’s east side.

The shooting happened early Tuesday morning at the Mobil gas station on Connor Street and Harper Avenue, not far off I-94.

Police say the cab driver was sitting in his vehicle outside of the gas station when he was ambushed by two gunmen. He was found dead inside the checkered cab.

Sgt. Eren Stephens said one of the gunmen may have been shot or injured during the incident because a trail of blood that doesn’t appear to be the victim’s was left behind at the scene.

Reporting live from the scene, WWJ’s Ron Dewey said he could see several evidence markers around the cab, suggesting the victim may have been shot multiple times.

Larry Lee, a coworker of the victim — whom he identified as a 40-year-old Roseville man — is reeling from the loss of a good friend and the senselessness of his death.

“Cab drivers don’t ride around with a whole bunch of money. If you’re that brave and you want to take somebody’s life for $30, why don’t you join the military and go over to Afghanistan or Baghdad somewhere? I mean, if you’re that tough, if you want to kill somebody over a few dollars,” he said.

Lee said his co-worker had a CCW permit, but didn’t have much of a chance to defend himself, as he was still in the driver’s seat of the cab when he was shot.

Renisha Dixon said she took cover when the bullets started flying.

“I just seen the cab pull over there to the gas station and then another car pulled up. I was right across from the gas station and I just heard shooting and I ran over here to the hotel,” she said.

Paul Monaco, who lives a few blocks away from shooting, said crime in rampant in the area.

“This stuff happens all the time, it’s a bad neighborhood. Just about a month ago, somebody got killed down at the next street light. I’m fitting to move on and move out of this place,” he said.

The suspects are described as black males dressed in dark clothing. An investigation is ongoing.

Stay with WWJ Newsradio 950 and for the latest.

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