DETROIT (WWJ) They waited patiently for 90 minutes while officials decided how to react to the ominous weather front on radar, then they were left disappointed when game four of the ALCS was postponed until 4:07 p.m. Thursday.

Everyone’s reaction was different.

A crestfallen Grand Rapids resident said Wednesday was his only shot to see the game.

“We spent a lot of money and there’s no way we can go back there,” the man said at Comerica Park late Wednesday. “That long ride, we can’t go back there. We had good seats, I spent over $100-something dollars.”

The Tigers announced tickets to Wednesday’s game four would be honored Thursday. But that didn’t work for another man who got his grandfather out of the nursing home for Wednesday’s game and said because of the facilities’ rules, he couldn’t do it again Thursday.

“I paid $10 to park, I bought food, I think that was really rotten,” he said.

On the other side, a man who was rained out took it in stride, agreeing with the officials who chose not to begin a game that would have been disrupted by rain midway through.

“I was at the game last night and I understand what Major League Baseball had to do,” he said. “Those fans that don’t understand the process of last night, I’m afraid you’re not a true baseball fan.”

Another couple didn’t even care about the rain out. Abe and Danielle Schnicter of Manton, near Cadillac, went to the game for their honeymoon.

“We got married October 13 … I bought the tickets as a surprise, actually my drunk friends bought them,” Danielle Schnicter said, adding her friends “think this is cool.”


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