By Jeff Riger

By Jeff Riger

Tigers reliever Phil Coke was among the players and fans ready to celebrate the team’s arrival at the 2012 World Series, who instead had to head home after a Wednesday night rain out.

What was his message to fans forced to miss work on Thursday because the start time is 4:07 p.m.?

“Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do with what Mother Nature said about it and what was decided via her rumblings and so on, so everybody has to take it in stride and come back tomorrow and get crazy,” Coke said.

So what did the left-handed specialist do during the rain out?

“Thank God for iPads and iPhones and stuff like that,” Coke said. He went on to reveal what he was watching, saying, “I was actually watching Netflix, Carlos Mencia, he cracks me up, he’s funny, he’s so funny.”

Coke admitted he wasn’t happy about the rain out, saying, “There is no awesome part about having to come back and go after it tomorrow unless the series dictated that. It kind of sucks when there is no raining falling currently but it is on its way. If it shows up and floods downtown, everybody is going to be really glad they did not have to swim home.”

Watch the video below for the reliever’s complete thoughts about having to wait one more day to celebrate a potential trip to the World Series.


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