By Jeff Riger

By: Jeff Riger

One thing is for sure, nobody ever gets sick of celebrating!

Take the Tigers for instance, in their 3rd celebration of the season these guys looked like pros as they sprayed champagne, smoked cigars and danced around like children after sweeping the Yankees on Thursday night. The Tigers are good at partying and they should be as they have had so much practice and are hoping for one more as they approach the World Series starting Wednesday in either St. Louis or San Francisco.

After the real questions were asked, you know the ones about going to the World Series and sweeping the Yankees, we here at the Ticket decided to dig deeper and find out what it really takes to master the champagne spray, especially when you are trying to puff on a cigar at the same time.

“The key is you have to hold it away from the spray and then hit it every now and then” Prince Fielder explained as he tried to educate us on the art.

PHOTOS: Champagne Celebration In Tigers’ Locker Room

We then asked Fielder to show us the art, to spray an unsuspecting target. That man was Gerald Laird who must have known the bubbly was on the way but didn’t care one bit. In fact, once Prince started on Laird, Doug Fister joined in as well until both the players bottles had emptied.

The only thing missing in this celebration hard hitting expose was the fact that Laird was wearing goggles; he was a veteran at celebrating as he won a World Series with the Cardinals last season. Fielder wanted to get Laird goggle-less as well saying “I like to feel the burn, you don’t get this burn that often so I like to feel it.”

Watch the entire event unfold in the video below then grab a bottle, a cigar and see how good you are.


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