By: Sara

New York fans and New York media can be brutal, but in respect to their knocks on Alex Rodriguez, it is deservedly so. Not only did A-Rod have an embarrassing showing in the series against the Tigers, he also exposed his lame pick up artist moves. Concentrate on your job, and not flirting with the girls behind the dugout, you dummy! After throwing the cuties in the crowd a ball with a note asking for their phone numbers, he may as well have admitted to his teammates that his head was not in the game, only his mini bat was.

In response to the loss and the A-Rod antics, the front page of the New York Post this morning was a picture of a baseball that looked to have a message written on it in Sharpie. The message said:

Dear Yankees,

We don’t date losers!

New Yorkers

Ouch! A few details have been fleshed out about the woman that Rodriguez made a fool of himself for. She is an Australian bikini model named Kyna Treacy. Was she worth it? Check her out in this Air Pacific commercial and decide.

Of course, in reality A-ROID’s career in pin stripes is in jeopardy mostly because he had his worst-ever postseason at the plate, but the distractions with the tabloid sideshow didn’t help.


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