In this week’s interview with 97.1 The Ticket, Calvin Johnson talked to Stoney and Bill about the match up with the Bears on Monday Night Football.

Can the Lions start off fast?

“Yeah, we want to do that early in the game, definitely against a team like Chicago you definitely don’t wanna get behind the eight-ball against them because they will run the clock with the running game and they have a great defense behind them,” Johnson said.

He also delved into the statement fellow WR Nate Burleson made about the receivers needing to play with “violent passion” to get the job done.

“We felt we weren’t aggressive as we can be,” Johnson said. “Whether it be in the blocking game, you know more so in the blocking because that leads on to other things. Our thing was to come out physical and get our hands on guys, get guys on the ground from the offensive stand point.”

Among other topics that were discussed Johnson was asked if the team is timid because of the “Bay Boy” image that was given to them last year. “Subconsciously I guess that’s possible,” Johnson said, “it has a lot to do with a lot of things. I feel whether it be from all the pub(licity) we might have received this offseason to people blowing us up, we just try to get back to the basics.”

Johnson was also asked about last year’s game in Chicago and what the team needs to do to start faster.

“Yeah, definitely, I remember last year myself and Nate started off with fumbles early in the game those things are just kind of freakish,” Johnson said. “Taking care of the ball is very important. As I said earlier, if you get behind on this kind of team they have a great running game and real good defense that make you work for everything you get.”


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