World’s Largest Dog: Zeus The Great Dane, Holds Court In Troy

TROY (WWJ) – One four-year old canine really can be called “top dog.”

The world’s largest dog, a Great Dane named Zeus, was at the Petco store in Troy on Sunday and won the crowd over.

According to Guiness World Records, Zeus is the largest dog in the world measuring 7 feet, 4 inches standing on his hind legs.

“That’s his only trick, he’s just tall,” said owner Kevin Doorleg. “They typically measure about 30- 32 inches normally and he is currently 44, so he is about a foot taller than normal.”

As Doorleg said, Zeus may be the tallest dog around, but he’s also one of the sleepiest.

Zeus’ owner tells WWJ”s Kathryn Larson that his big dog sleeps over 22 hours a day.

“We have a king size bed that we sleep in and he is in there about 90 percent of the day,” he said. “When we get home we kick him out of the bed and he’s got his own queen size bed in another area in our house and he sleeps there.”

So, what’s it like to clean up after a king-sized dog?

“It’s a pretty good mess at times,” said Doorleg of Zeus’ dropping. “He can (laughs) … surprisingly large.”

Zeus’ owner tells WWJ that Zeus’ star power is being used to promote Guardians For Animals.

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    […] World’s Largest Dog: Zeus The Great Dane, Holds Court In TroyThe world’s largest dog, a Great Dane, was at the Troy Petco store Sunday and won the crowd over. […]

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