DETROIT (CBS Detroit) And then there were two … Teams, that is, ready to face off in the world series, proving once and for all which is the best baseball team in the country.

The Detroit Tigers will face off against the San Francisco Giants in the series to end all series, which means the eyes of the world will be on Detroit and San Francisco.

Which will look better?  Sure, San Francisco may have redwood forests, multi-million dollar real estate, wineries, and squawking seals on the pier. It may be the birthplace of sourdough bread, cable cars, hippies and the gay rights movement — but we’ve got plenty to be proud of in Detroit.

Want to see the world’s first thoroughfare? Check out Woodward Avenue. In the mood to marvel at genius? Go to the Henry Ford Museum. We invented the Motown sound and the coney dog. The car? Oh yeah, that was us.

So, check out our comparables below and see which side you fall on.

Detroit Vs. San Francisco

Industry: The Motor City/Silicon Valley
Iconic Movies: Gran Torino/Dirty Harry
Music: Motown sound/Beach music
Ladies With Soul: Aretha Franklin/Janis Joplin

The Gateway: Ambassador Bridge/ Golden Gate Bridge
Ethnic Hot Spot: Greek Town/Chinatown
Festivals: Detroit Jazz Fest/ Monterrey Jazz Fest
Brands: Made In Detroit/Levi’s

The Waterway: The Detroit River/ The Bay
Parks: Belle Isle/Alcatraz
Transportation: People Mover/Cable Cars

Scenery: River Walk/ Pier 39
Travel: Traverse City/ Napa Valley
Commute: I-696/Lombard Street, the famous crooked road
Hipster Havens: Ferndale/Haight-Ashbury

Outdoors: Fall leaves/Redwood forests
Artists: Kid Rock/MC Hammer
Hockey: Red Wings/Sharks
Gentrification HQ: Cass Corridor/Mission District
Bands: MC-5/Grateful Dead
Grandmasters: Dead Kennedys/Iggy Pop
Artisanal Scene: Eastern Market/ Ferry Marketplace
Rarefied Air: Grosse Point Shores/ Pacific Heights


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