By: Jeff Riger

I’m not the brightest man, just ask anyone who uses the Ticket Text or Twitter and they will confirm that. However, I do know what people like to see on the Internet. When it comes to our station’s website, sports stories are great and everything, but the thing people click on is hot chicks. It’s that simple. We put pictures or videos of good looking women on our site and guys click and click and click. And, yes we are proud of it!

So as Evan Jankens and myself were walking around the field before game four of the World Series and saw Erin Andrews, so it became the ultimate no-brainer to stop her and ask for an interview. I have seen Andrews at certain events but I never have spoken to her, so I really didn’t know what to expect. You see, asking sports questions are fine but what I really wanted to know was how an average guy could get a chance with Andrews? What is she looking for? I do believe I found out.

After I ran though the usual sports questions I promised her that my next question would be my last. I asked Andrews is she realized possibly every guy in the United States is in love with her? She responded “that’s definitely not the case; I probably wouldn’t be single if that were true.”

I instantly thought…single…really….c’mon like Erin Andrews can’t get a guy?

Of course she can!

So I followed up with the real questions, the questions that maybe could aid somebody in Detroit to land one of the hottest sideline reporters in the history of TV.

Watch the video below and then ask yourself if you have what it takes to get Erin Andrews.

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